Thanksgiving is two days away, and I am so looking forward to an empty home. (We’ll be celebrating at my in-laws’, but the holiday brings an inevitable — and, admittedly, welcomed — lull in our project.) You see, I am not a morning person. Neither are my children. And last week, the (uber-talented and courteous) man who single-handedly drywalled our kitchen and dining room arrived at 7:30 a.m. each morning. Plus, given our situation, I’ve been juggling more childcare than usual, opting to omit the grandparents’ weekly day of care due the fact that one-quarter of our home is under construction, and it’s been, well, tough. I’m one of those women who adores her work. I’m a better mother when my professional cup is full, and I’ve had significantly less time to focus on writing. I did, however, meet with the subcontractor who will design, build, and install our cabinets, and that kicked my positivity back into high gear this week. We’ll have cabinetry in three weeks, and, my goodness, that combined with the recent drywall installation will move us that much closer to completion.


I’d be remiss not to mention the other work that has been completed over the last few weeks. We installed a new window, so the new exterior siding had to be flushed in and painted. An insanely talented mason — who frequented four quarries to find the correct stone! — filled in the hole that once housed a small window with limestone, which covers the bottom half of our home. It was an honor, truly, to watch him perform his craft. We’ve passed multiple inspections, and next week a team of painters will cover the walls in my forever-favorite color of choice: Alabaster by Sherwin-Williams. (It’s the perfect creamy, non-yellow white. Trust.) In the spirit of the upcoming holiday, we are, in a word, grateful.