This elegant sunroom is the ideal spot for a morning cup of coffee or enjoying the sunset over the lake.

After years of diligent searching, Jon Schoenheider, owner of Regency Builders, serendipitously found the perfect lot for one Delafield couple while golfing with a friend.

“I met [the homeowners] five years earlier, showed them a lot [of properties] and it took me five years to finally find the right lot for them,” Schoenheider says. A previous client had told him about a gentleman who’d been actively showing his property which might fit the bill. The fellow happened to be in Shoenheider’s golf party, and the rest, as they say, is history.


The wood island adds a warm, rustic quality to the crisp, white cabinetry of the kitchen.


This spacious kitchen offers plenty of room to comfortably host and entertain family and friends, which was a must-have for these homeowners.

“I called my customers that night and said, ‘Hey, I think I’ve got the perfect lot for you,’” he continues. “We went over the next day and that night we had an offer.”

The homeowners were seeking a lakefront lot with a picturesque view and enough yard to accommodate their planned three-story home, an outdoor pool and room to entertain outside. 

Once the lot became theirs, Schoenheider and the team at Regency underwent a thorough pre-build process to evaluate each of the client’s needs, plus the items on their wish list. With that completed, the company then went to work building the client’s dream home. 

Schoenheider proudly notes that he takes in every small detail each step of the way in the building process to ensure perfection with each home he designs. 


The homeowners were adamant about a joint office, making it easier to get extra work done together or helping their kids with homework.


The entire aesthetic of the home was based around this beautiful bar, which was designed to match The Corn Mill in Llangollen, Wales.

“I have a keen eye,” Schoenheider explains. “I’m probably one of the most symmetrically-eyed individuals you’ll ever meet. ... A few years back in Mequon, I walked into a foyer and looked at a windowscape that was on the back wall of a two-story room, and I noticed the bottom of the window casing on the top transom was a quarter inch lower than the right side. … When people pay the amount of money they do for construction, nothing bothers me more than walking down a hallway with door casings at different heights or at the end of the hallway where you have a door and the door casing to the right is a sixteenth-inch or quarter-inch different than the door casing to the left as it meets the drywall.” 


Jon Schoenheider, owner of Regency Builders, explains that the homeowners were looking for an “Idaho rustic” aesthetic for this Delafield lake home, complete with dark beams and natural stone fireplaces.

Employing his careful eye and attention to detail on the Delafield project, Schoenheider created his clients’ envisioned aesthetic: a Lake Tahoe-esque home with earthy elements such as beams, local stone, natural fireplaces and plenty of woodwork. The buyers also wanted a large joint office, a second floor master en suite, an open concept kitchen with a great room to one side and an outdoor screen to the other, magnificent views of the lake, a media center — and, most importantly,

a Welsh pub on the lower level to accommodate their fondness for entertaining. 

“The Corn Mill in Llangollen, Wales [is what] we modeled the bar on,” the homeowner notes of the rustic element, created with wood beams that inspired the rest of the home’s design elements. 

Schoenheider also equipped the dwelling with a four-season room just off the kitchen that is fitted with Phantom Screens, which Schoenheider says he’s a “huge proponent for” because of their ease and usefulness.


The warm colors of this beautiful bedroom create an inviting, relaxing sleep space.

“...For example, you want to use that underside of the deck on a regular basis when the kids are out swimming at night and it [gets later] and all of a sudden the mosquitos are out,” he explains. “All you do is push a button. If you have a 16 or 20-foot span, the Phantom Screen automatically comes down, and now the kids just use one side door to come into the home and you don’t have any mosquitos in that area.”

To ensure clients receive exactly the home they want and have the quality products that will serve them best, Schoenheider adds that Regency stays in constant contact with their homeowners.

“We believe that transparency and communication with our clients throughout the entire process is very important from the start, whether we’re your builder [or not], and whether that’s the right lot, and whether this is the right plan that we’re designing,” Schoenheider says. 


With the homeowners’ penchant for hosting, this spacious lower level is a haven for big groups of guests with an entertaining space, dining area and the large, rustic bar.

Even if clients only plan to stay in their home for a few years, Schoenheider always creates his designs with a focus on aging in place, including flat entryways, wide doorways and even elevators to make clients’ dream homes a true forever home. And he keeps his focus on genuine quality over quantity.

“We don’t want a lot of homes; we want to build homes for really, really great people that understand the value that we’re going to bring to them,” Schoenheider enthuses. “We really only want to build maybe eight to 11 very special homes a year.” MKE

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