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David, Patti and John Aversa of Aversa


Live life elegantly.

The three Aversas of the eponymous store, who are experts in assisting clients, do just that. Their store, with allusions to Italian design, has presented select women’s designer clothing since it opened its doors in 1986. 

David and John Aversa come from a large Italian family of seven children, all of whom grew up in Joliet, Ill. With roots in northern Italy, father Terry owned a clothing store. Of Sicilian descent, mother Sara was an interior designer. The pair passed along the fashion gene, as nearly all seven siblings have had careers in various areas of fashion. Patti met and married David when they worked at Klein’s, a national department store. Nurtured by the entire family, Patti credits Terry with teaching her about style selection and relationship building.  

The Aversas salute their dedicated, expert staff with much of the store’s long-term success. Patti says, “On any given day, with three people in the store, a collective 100 years of experience is assisting women select a specific piece or put together an entire outfit, from shoes to dress to accessories. Everything is personalized.” 

Not quite happy with the fit? Their alterations are legendary.

Who are Aversa clientele? 

David: Our clients have a sophisticated, tasteful lifestyle, an appreciation for fashion, and a cultivated eye. They like our brand of investment dressing.

What is the Aversa look? 

Patti: We are classic with an edge, chic, minimalist and timeless. We want women to feel confident in our pieces. Our clients are noticed for their subtlety. But, we can add accessories or texture to give a classic new look. We show a limited number of sizes in order for our customers to look exclusive.

How does such a detail-oriented store operate? 

John: As David says, we don’t have titles here. We each have expertise, but all of us enjoy doing whatever is needed to provide outstanding service to clients. I recognize clients’ voices on the phone. We have designated parking spaces directly behind the store, (where) I let clients in. Patti goes on buying trips to New York while I assist here. I can find anything in the store.

Why do we see specific colors each year? 

Patti: Color is mostly controlled by the fabric mills. When designers start a collection, they shop fabrics, and if the mills are showing burgundy, next season you’ll see lots of burgundy on the runways.

Name a dramatic influence on your career.

John: Living with such a colorful, talented father.

Patti: During college, I worked for Disney World. Disney knows everything about service and pleasing customers. No matter the business, taking care of your people and providing them with a unique experience is everything.  Helping women look beautiful is a fun business to be in.

David: As a child I was taught the wonder of the outdoors and nature. Every year I enjoy a Canadian fishing trip with friends where we unplug. Nature teaches us about color, texture and design. Think about the fragility and colors of a butterfly, (and) relate that to a flowing ball gown. Some things in nature are geometric and structured; we also experience those designs in fashion.

Visit Aversa: Bayshore Town Center, 5800 N. Bayshore Drive, Glendale, (414) 963-9963,