Teriyaki Salmon Bowl at Blue Bat Kitchen


Walking into Blue Bat Kitchen and Tequilaria in Milwaukee’s Historic Third Ward, patrons are greeted with a massive lighted sign reading “GOOD TIMES,” a motto Chef de Cuisine Patrick Murphy feels perfectly encapsulates the easygoing fare.

“I think the sign right there says it best. ‘Good times,’” Murphy says, looking up at the restaurant’s unmistakeable feature. “… My approach with the food was food that [inspires you to] hang out with friends and drink and laugh and have a good time.”

Blue Bat offers a crowd-pleasing variety of inexpensive dishes, from the wildly popular Brussels sprouts — fried sprouts tossed with toasted pecans, dried mangoes, cotija cheese and a Chipotle aioli — to Milwaukee street corn (think beer, cheese and bacon) to an inspired selection of tacos and bowls.

“All of our dishes have a global street food theme to them,” Murphy explains. “We just like it to be super inviting to people and fun.”

The menu is set to rotate seasonally, but one new option created just for fall is the teriyaki salmon bowl shown here. A 6-ounce salmon fillet is tossed in a teriyaki glaze and placed on a bed of rice, shaved cabbage and cucumber, then topped with a miso sesame vinaigrette, crispy fried onions and grilled oyster mushrooms.

“[It’s] something very inviting and approachable,” Murphy enthuses of the dish, which appealingly blends a variety of temperatures and textures. “Kind of casual and tasty!”

249 N. Water St., (414) 431-1133, bluebatkitchen.com MKE