Jake and Alaina Bresette of Lake Effect Surf Shop


What’s a surf shop doing in Shorewood?
We are filling a need for the growing number of surfers taking advantage of Lake Michigan beaches almost all year round. Midwest surfers have good values and friendly vibes.

How would you describe yourself?
I’m a surfer that runs a business.

Tell us about your wildly funny store logo.
That would be the profile of a cow on a surf board. We have caps and T-shirts with it. People love those for out-of-state gifts.

How do local surfers greet each other?
We hope they say “Wiloha”; that’s short for “Wisconsin aloha!”

What kinds of music do surfers listen to these days?
The Beach Boys are getting a little creaky. Popular groups now are Diiv, Beach Fossils and Quilt.

How much does a surf board cost?
We have longboards that cost over $1,000, like a Migration Crane, to smaller boards in the $500 range. The price for gear varies, like the wetsuits, caps, gloves and socks.

What is the big black hooded poncho that looks like Darth Vader’s bathrobe?
Surfers are cold when they get out of Lake Michigan so that really warms them up. Plus, it can double as a changing room when they are out on a wild beach somewhere.

Visit Lake Effect Surf Shop: 1926 E. Capitol Drive, Shorewood  |  lakeeffectsurfshop.com

Wiloha shirts and hats found
exclusively at Lake Effect Surf Shop.