Fresh Treatments

Local spas tout unique services and why you should explore them.


Hair! Hair!
Cut and color trends for 2019
By Nicole Kiefert

As Lexi Naughtin, a stylist at Mequon’s Erik of Norway, says, “Your hair is your best accessory. Updating or changing your hair can totally change the entire look of a person, and make you feel like your best self.” Whether you’re looking for a change in length or a pop of color, Naughtin, Erik of Norway color specialist Rob Thomas and Studio 890 master hair stylist and Director of Education Jennifer Edwards explain what’s trending for hair this year.

Styles Go Softer
“This season is all about texture,” explains Naughtin. “We are moving away from the sleek, blunt bob or lob to a more textured soft and tousled look. The shag is making a comeback — lots of layers to highlight, expose and open up the face. This style looks most complete with a heavy bang or curtain bang, and a strong middle part.”
“Also, multi-texturing hair like the pixie [cut] is coming very strong for the summer,” Edwards adds.

Natural Colors Return
“For brunettes, we are seeing cooler tones with brighter, heavier placed pieces through the midshaft and ends. … A cooler root with a combination of cool and warm throughout. The result is a very natural brunette,” says Thomas.

Blondes are going for deeper, darker and more natural colors, Thomas explains: “A deeper ‘shadow root’ or ‘smudge’ at the base, with subtle tonal and color variation throughout the ends. The result is a natural look with less maintenance.”

Redheads should explore bold color options this year, according to Edwards. “Redheads are just getting brighter and turning to coppery [shades]. That’s getting lighter than the deeper reds. It’s just really bright red.”

 While a calming massage and simple facial offer tried-and-true benefits and relaxation, spas continuously add unique and exciting services to their repertoire. Nationwide must-dos such as cupping therapy, microneedling, platelet rich plasma (PRP) facials, and other newer therapies and surgical and nonsurgical services are now sweeping this area.

Chris Zajdel, co-owner of Skiin Anti-Aging Lounge, says services like Brazilian butt lifts, upper eyelid rejuvenation and labiaplasty are popular surgical procedures, while more people are trying nonsurgical PRP collagen induction treatments to stem the effects of aging. Zajdel says one PRP facial that is gaining momentum is the “vampire facial,” which involves extracting blood from the patient’s arm and separating the platelets using a centrifuge, creating a plasma serum that is applied topically.

“For the best results, these treatments are done in a series, typically one month apart,” Zajdel explains. “The ability to use your body’s own DNA for restorative skin care is the highest level of regenerative skin care.”

Expect to be slightly pink following your “vampire” experience for up to 48 hours. Once the color subsides, your skin will be smooth, luminous and glowing. Zajdel notes that the service is great for all skin conditions, including acne.

IV vitamin therapy, a nonsurgical service in which a solution of specially balanced vitamins and minerals is injected directly into the body, is also gaining traction. Zajdel stresses that the treatment should always be performed by a medical professional and be customized to each individual.

“IV vitamin therapy is a healthy and safe way to deliver nutrients through your circulatory system,” she explains. “By administering vitamins intravenously, it ensures maximum absorption since [they are] put straight into your bloodstream.” Zajdel adds that it’s popular to combine the IV vitamin therapy with an oxygen-infused facial in the same day, which, she notes, “allows healthy nutrition to your skin, but via a direct delivery through your body — an inside-out approach.”

Though these services can seem a bit intimidating, Skiin Anti-Aging Lounge is committed to providing top-tier care.

“Of course there can be some apprehension at times,” Zajdel says, “but our attention to the quality of care and detail typically brings someone to a place of comfort quickly. Education is key. [We] provide as much information [as possible], listen carefully and deliver results.”

Float therapy is another novel spa experience winning over locals. Liz Berndt, general manager of Float Oasis in Brookfield (a Waukesha location is open too) explains float therapy as a way for the body to “reset itself.” Float Oasis is fitted with both open and enclosed tanks that are filled with water mixed with 1,300 pounds of Epsom salt, which reduces muscle tension, inflammation and pain, and creates the buoyancy required for a relaxing, freeing zero-gravity experience.

“When your body is at rest, it does the most recovery,” Berndt explains. “What the float tank does is it maximizes that rest. You take away all of the external stimuli like light, sound and tactile sensation with the zero-gravity environment.

“With all of those systems turning off, anything in your body that wouldn’t normally get attention or repair is able to then get that focus,” Berndt continues. “The other part is that your body is able to relax and release tension and stress in a way that it isn’t able to normally and naturally.”

Float therapy has a multitude of health benefits, including relieving headaches, chronic pain, PTSD, addiction and withdrawal symptoms; reducing blood pressure; easing the effects of depression and anxiety, and much more. A 12-part study on fibromyalgia patients showed floating also reduced, if not completely eliminated, sufferers’ pain.

“Floating affects everybody differently, and it helps everybody differently,” Berndt says. “It finds the things that you’re the weakest in and allows your body to naturally help itself. People devalue relaxation and devalue stress reduction and massage therapy, float therapy, that kind of stuff. They think that’s a selfish thing.”

In other words, carving out time for treatments that positively impact your appearance and your physical and mental health is always a wise use of your time and money. So don’t be afraid to try something new ... for you. MKE