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Find Your Fry

Crispy and crunchy, seasoned and salty, chippy and dippy … the combinations of the humble french-fried potato aren’t so humble — they’re surprisingly sophisticated and snazzy. Here’s a guide to find your fry.


Chived Up

Sour cream and chive fries, Saz’s State House, (pictured above)

You know you get a plate of these savory fries every year at Summerfest, but you can also enjoy them year-round, with barbecue or without.

Fancy Schmancy

Truffle fries, I.d. Restaurant

Get your umami on here with fries laced with truffle oil and freshly grated Parm and served with a side of garlic aioli.

Go Dutch (or, rather Belgian)

Sweet potato frites and garlic aioli,Café Hollander

Order a cone of sweet potato frites (or even the regular fries) at Café Hollander, and you’ve got your choice of 10 sauces, but we think the best one of the bunch is the garlic aioli. Garlicky goodness sweetened by sweet potatoes: there’s nothing better.

Curry Some Favorites

Curried fries,The Vanguard

Yeah, they’ve got some fun poutines and 10 different sauces, ranging from Cheez Whiz to burnt ginger, but the practically perfect fries are topped with a yummy curry sauce. No sausage needed.

Puttin’ On the Poutine

Duck confit poutine, Comet Café

These hand-cut babies are topped with beer gravy, cheese curds and, oh, duck confit! You can also get them topped with beer-cheese sauce and bacon-jalapeno jam.

Add Some Spice

Cajun fries, Maxie’s

Yes, the sweet potato fries with chive crème fraiche are the yum, but for pure spice, order an extra side of Cajun fries. You can still get the crème fraiche on the side.

Onion Breath

Chips toodaloo, Snack Boys

Take some onions, then add more, throw in some garlic aioli, add a bit of roasted garlic, and caramelize even more onions, plus a few chives — and then finish with a bit o’ cheese. Delish!

Sweet yet Spicy!

Sweet potato fries, Main Street Bar & Grill 

These sweet potato fries come with Caribbean jerk aioli, so the combination melds sweet with hot, a spice-is-nice combination!