Dish of the Month: Brown Buttered Scallops at The Norbert


Located in the heart of downtown West Bend, The Norbert offers an inventive, ever-evolving menu of small plate options.

“I’ve got an incredible staff here, and the last thing I want to do is make it a very stale environment for them,” owner Tony Koebel says.

A menu that rotates in four to six new and unique items daily — and fully changes seasonally — keeps the staff engaged and customers intrigued. One such seasonal dish is the brown buttered scallops. The shellfish are seared, basted in brown butter and placed on a bed of sweet potato puree. Next they are topped with sage fried in brown butter, drizzled with a lavender-infused honey and served with a side of pickled watermelon radish that kitchen manager Jordan Hartley says “adds a nice crunch.”

“It’s a very buttery, savory dish,” says Koebel. “We add some brown butter to [the sweet potato] as we puree it to give it some of that fall flavor and the savoriness, but it was Jordan’s idea to cut through that [richness] with the pickled watermelon radishes.”

The Norbert prides itself on masterful teamwork in the kitchen and the risk-taking dishes the staff works so hard to create for loyal patrons.

“As far as cooking goes, we just want to keep pushing the envelope for whatever we can get away with in West Bend,” Koebel notes.

115 S. Main St., West Bend, (262) 429-1231, MKE