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The Daly Gem

Set the Intention

Account to Approve workflow on Thursday, January 9, 2020 at 2:00:00 pm

Looking for an easier path to achieving your goals? Stop pulling. Instead, try lightening up a bit and allowing things to naturally flow into your life through the fun strategy of setting intentions.

Give this a try each morning:

  1. Think of 1-3 goals you have in mind. Let’s use the example of losing 10 pounds.
  2. Create a statement for your goal that is always kind and loving to yourself.
    e.g. “I am naturally and easily moving towards my body losing ten pounds.”
  3. State WHY you will accomplish this goal and again encouraging yourself by using positive self-talk.
    e.g. “I will achieve losing ten pounds because I have the knowledge and tools to achieve this, want to be healthier, fit into my clothes, and have more confidence. The time is right and it will happen.”
  4. Stop thinking about it.
    e.g. “I release this intention and move into my day on the right path.”
    Through this process you kindly set the tone, which will carry you throughout the day. Naturally you will be drawn to make choices which support your intention.

Good luck and have a happy day!


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