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The Daly Gem

Get Up, Dress Up, Show Up!

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These are the words of a dear friend of mine, who, no matter where I see her, looks amazing, happy, and inspired! She truly lives by the idea that by simply choosing to start the day with gusto and self-care allows us to show up to others and ourselves in a beautiful and positive way.

Are there certain strategies you can start incorporating into your life that are exciting and place you in a healthy mindset throughout your day? Here are some ideas to get your creativity going:

Create your own “brand” by asking yourself:

o What do I stand for?

o What are my values?

o What makes me stand out?

o What makes me compelling?

·Detox your closet! As you go through the clothes ask yourself:

o Do I love it?

o Does it reflect my personal brand and who I am now?

o Is it flattering on me?

· Make a list of things, people, and activities you love… then start incorporating more of them into your life.

· Develop a morning routine:

o Be Grateful

o Energize through exercise

o Meditate

· Practice the art of being present throughout the day with everyone and everything you interact with

· Finally, be open to new people, opportunities, and ideas.

Choose to SHOW UP today!



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