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The Daly Gem

Criticism Is A Gift

Account to Approve workflow on Friday, April 12, 2019 at 12:00:00 am

A respected acquaintance recently discussed viewing criticism (in a constructive way!) as a gift. Inherently, we have a tendency to dread reviews from bosses, feedback from colleagues, or surveys from clients. Why is that? Really think about it. Why do we physically cringe or hold our breath at “you are doing great… BUT…?”

Could it be fear of rejection or failure? Might it be paranoia that we simply don’t cut it?

In a snap of a finger you can change your perception of reality. Rather than holding on to the fear, why not accept the “criticism” as a bonus? Changing our perception allows us to grab hold of this gift and use it as a tool to move us onward and upward!

From personal experience, being open to this type of exchange can actually be liberating and create a level of trust between two people that is rock solid.

A good friend of mine has a real knack for “telling it like it is.” Love her or not, you always know she shoots straight. She has no problem disagreeing with me, my opinions, (or my haircut!) but boy do I enjoy being around her! Why? Because you feel safe with her. She is real. She is who she is and only wants the best for the people she loves.

Graciously give and accept!

Enjoy the day,


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