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The Daly Gem

Embracing Uncertainty

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Each time you stay present with fear and uncertainty, you’re letting go of a habitual way of finding security and comfort.” ~ Pema Chodron

A life filled with ease. Isn’t that what we all desire? How is this feasible with all the worries and fears that filter through our minds on a minute by minute basis?

Uncertainty with the future.

Uncertainty about our loved ones being safe, happy and healthy.

Uncertainty about paying the rent.

Uncertainty about finding a partner.

Uncertainty about getting sick.

Uncertainty about what happens after we are “gone.”

Just writing this is bringing me down!

While uncertainty will never go away, there are ways to quiet its frightful voice. Reminding ourselves of the beauty and certainty of this very moment creates feelings of relief, gratitude and thus joy. Amp up the joy by choosing to appreciate who or what is in front of you every moment over the next 24 hours. Chances are you will forget about all that uncertain stuff.

Have a happy day!


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