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The Daly Gem

Get Rid of the Shoulds

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How often do we start a thought or sentence with “I should…..?” For many of us, it’s an unconscious habit we do every day in our self-talk and communication with others.

Most of the “shoulds” do not serve our higher purpose, but instead are obligations or habits we’ve imposed upon ourselves. Many times they are also based off of what others think is best for us which is a tricky path to hop on.

Getting rid of the “shoulds” pushes away the clutter and leaves an open space for living our lives based on what we truly want and deserve. When you toss out the frustration and anxiety of living a life based on “shoulds,” things start to flow with ease.

Try this today:

1. Be aware of when you make a “should” statement or thought.

2. Ask yourself, “Why do I feel I should do this?”

3. Review what’s behind the “should.” You might find there are deeper reasons (pleasing others, guilt, low self esteem, etc.), which need to be addressed instead.

4. Ask yourself any of these questions:

“Do I want to do this or am I trying to please someone else?”

“In doing this am I living a life based on my values?”

“Will this push me towards a fulfilling future or keep me stuck in the past?”

“What gratification am I receiving from doing this? Does this represent who I want to be?”

Good luck and have a happy day!

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