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The Daly Gem

Your Divine Team

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Why You Need A Divine Team

You are in a crisis. Things aren’t going right at work, in a relationship or with your health. Who do you call for their wisdom? Where do you go for support? Which people bring you comfort? These are the people who lift you up and help carry you through the fire when going it alone is simply too tough. This is your “divine team.”

The same holds true for our thrilling desires and goals. Whether we call upon our trusted friends and advisers or reach out spiritually through our faith and wisdom from those who have passed, we are consulting with our “divine team.”

It’s important to be hyper vigilant that who we choose to share these parts of ourselves with our truly investors in our lives. Individuals who want the best for us, who do not project their own shadow parts or negative experiences on to us and our situations.

Whether it is draining drama or exciting developments in your life, it’s key to choose wisely where you spread the energy and to whom.

Creating Your Divine Team

Make a list of who you LOVE being around. These are the people who support you, challenge you, and make you aware of the beauty of life! You in turn, are able to give to them as well.

The next time you have something fun to share or maybe you’re going through a tough time, these are the people you to look for! Turn away from old, familiar patterns or seeking support from individuals who tend to add to the pain or take away from the joy.

(Keep in mind, it’s OKAY if you only have one person on your list. One member of your Divine Team is 100x’s more effective than 20 energy suckers!)

“Sometimes our light goes out, but is blown again into instant flame by an encounter with another human being.” ― Albert Schweitzer



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