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Fine-Tune Your Friend Time!

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“Friendship consists in forgetting what one gives and remembering what one receives.” – Alexander Dumas

There’s only so much time in one day, and unfortunately friendships tend to take the back seat to family and career responsibilities

If you’re ready to create balance with this topic, put in place these tips!

BGT- Ban Guilt Trips!

Nothing good ever comes of laying guilt trips on others or putting them on yourself…so get off that train! Accept others for what time they have to give and cut yourself a break when you can’t do it all. Set up an agreement with your inner circle to give everyone the benefit of the doubt that everyone is doing the best they can. Some of my closest friends and I may go for weeks or months without talking or seeing… but when things line up and we connect, it’s like no time has passed.

DIFG- Do I Feel Good?

This is a biggie. Take note of HOW you feel when with your group. Do you feel supported, empowered, and overall just really good during your time together? Great! Focus on those people! Do you walk away feeling negative, frustrated, and not heard? Maybe it’s time to rethink the time you are putting into those relationships.

CTFT- Commit To Friend Time!

Once you have a clear picture of whom you want to spend time with… Commit to it! Do whatever it takes not to flake out. Remind yourself of the value you receive. Good friends and good times nourish our souls so make it a priority.

SCE- Set Communication Expectations

You are busy. Everyone is busy. For that reason, have some understood expectations. If you aren’t a texter, tell them. If you don’t want to be messaged or tagged on Facebook, communicate that.

This one works great…if you are just calling to chat, express that in your voice mail so your friend isn’t rushing to call you back when she’s overwhelmed at work. On the flip side, if you really need to bend their ear about something, communicate that as well. Chances are when you really need them, their response time will be quick!

Friendships, just like any relationship, are much smoother when both parties are receiving what they need.

I hope these tips help you in establishing quality friend time and peace!

Wishes to you for a happy day,


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