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Use This One Question To Create A Great Day

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I have a six-week group program in progress right now and this week we discussed the idea of aligning the choices we make each day with the intention for how we want to feel overall in our lives.

For example, if your intention in life right now is to feel purposeful in your work, then the choices you make in how you set up your day and manage your time are either going to be in sync with that intention... or not.

When you end the day feeling this sense of "ahhhh... now that was a great day," chances are the decisions you made over the past 24 hours supported your goals/desires/wishes.

On the flip side, if you flop on the couch feeling frustrated or overwhelmed, reaching for anything to forget the day and numb out...chances are your choices abandoned your intention.

So rather than creating MORE overwhelm and self-judgment, simply identify tools to keep you on track and focused.

This week, I'll share the one solution that is the"homework" for the group program...

For the next 48 hours, simply are say no to everything...unless it's an absolute pure desire.

Now, we all know there are everyday non-negotiable family & work responsibilities ...but what about all the other things we say yes to that might simply be out of habit or obligation?

In other words, if it's a "heck yeah! I want to spend my Saturday afternoon with a friend because it feeds my soul, feels expansive, and I just feel great after spending time with him/her"... then go for it.

If it's a "Oh hell no...I so don't feel like doing this...but I should. I really should. I haven't seen him/her in forever and I know they want to see me and if I don't do this then they will feel bad and then I will feel bad and I don't want to feel bad so I will just say yes. Gosh, I REALLY don't want to, but I SHOULD.... and what the heck it's not worth it to feel bad so I will just go."

Can you relate?!

Time is our most precious and valuable resource. Life can change for ourselves or the ones we love in an instant. When we choose to hold time as a precious gift in the palms of our hands and choose consciously the way we share it with others, that is when we begin to feel aligned. Making the decision to actively "own" our time empowers us to begin to create change and to literally transform our experience each day.

So today, listen to your inner voice in situations as simple as how you begin your day or as big as new possibilities for career changes. "Does this choice feel constrictive or expansive? Does this feel like a pure desire, or an obligation?"

Would love to hear your thoughts on this one!





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