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The Daly Gem

The Power of Your Physical Space

Account to Approve workflow on Thursday, September 20, 2018 at 12:00:00 am

I've been taking a course by Marie Diamond on Feng Shui and I've found it so interesting and effective. Friends and family have gotten on board as well. They describe the energy shifting to a feeling of calm once they've decluttered and paid attention to a few of the key practices of Feng Shui regarding placement of furniture, plants, colors, etc. Did you know your desk should never be facing out a window? That your bed should face the door? Or that your office garbage can should be covered and placed outside of your personal directions? I didn't either until now! I do feel more grounded in my office and find it easier to dive into work and stay focused for longer periods of time which has been a struggle for me at times.

If you are ready to investigate how the set up of your home and office can help shift your energy, increase your luck, and create more serenity in your life, look into Marie's online course at If you are new to the idea of Feng Shui and are interested in the basics of the practice, I've found this article that explains it beautifully. I like the practical and simple tips to incorporate in your office and home today. Enjoy!
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