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The Daly Gem

The Power of Simplicity

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Have you ever cleaned out a closet and felt lighter? I once had a client tell me organizing a cupboard beneath the bathroom sink changed her life. Another shared that he and his wife had spent the entire weekend decluttering and purging their basement. He ended his story with wide eyes as he whispered to me.... "it seriously was a spiritual experience."

I think the same goes for mental clutter. How often do you allow your mind to venture into "bad neighborhoods" with the names of guilt, regret, shame, and fear? What would your life feel like without those thoughts? Would it be transformative, would you feel lighter? Would each day feel more like a spiritual experience?

And let's not forget all the stuff we think we are supposed to do that actually become stressors in our lives. Think about it for a second... are your morning or evening routines causing you feelings of freak out versus serenity? I was shocked to hear Eckart Tolle, author The Power of Now, share on a recent pod cast he doesn't mediate. WHHHAAAATTTTT??!!!
Before you throw out your Deepak Chopra & Oprah CD's I was relieved to hear he instead lives each day as an on going mediation. Now that sounds nice. No more timers and guilt over not doing it.

There is something enticing about returning to simplicity. Back to basics. Clean slates. Isn't that why back to school time is so fun? Everything is organized, fresh, and full of new possibilities.

So why not experiment with it? In fact, let's do it together. Over the coming weeks I will be sharing via this blog my own adventures with simplifying everything from my home to my work and well-being. I hope you join me!

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I hope you enjoyed today's "gem."
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