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The Daly Gem

Why This One Thing Is A BIG Energy Drain

Account to Approve workflow on Thursday, August 30, 2018 at 8:45:00 am
  • "My boss won't let me take the time off... I just know it because we have a big project in the works."
  • "My friend is so selfish. I texted her three days ago I needed to talk and she hasn't called me back."
  • "My neighbors have everything. The car, the money, the big house, the jobs, the kids, the social life, the trips...why don't I have their life? What have I done wrong??"

What is the common theme in all of these statements? You guessed it... ASSUMPTIONS!

I hear them every day from clients and boy did I step into the "assumption abyss" this week... and I was reminded of how draining it can be.

Precious energy, time, and resources are squandered as we ruminate on situations where we think we have all the information to make an informed opinion ... but do we?


So what do we do to lessen the burning of energy when it comes to assumptions?

JUST ASK: (how do you really know what your boss will say or do unless you ask a direct question and gather more information?)

REMEMBER EVERYONE HAS THEIR "STUFF" (if your friend hasn't called you back, 99% of the time it's has to do with something THEY are going through.)

QUIT THE COMPARISON GAME (Don't assume because Ken and Barbie's life looks fabulous on the outside that they aren't dealing with their own crosses to bear... because we all do.)

Can you imagine the heartache, stress, resentment, lost opportunities, ruined relationships, and sleepless nights that all began with one little assumption?

Choose the courage to be direct, transparent, and wise enough to know when to have faith that everyone is doing the best they can.


I hope you enjoyed today's "gem."
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