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The Daly Gem

Listen to your Alarm

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I recently was listening to Robert Holden discuss one of the biggest instigators of causing us to feel stuck.... and it's "fear."

He goes on to explain that fear is simply the alarm for us to wake up to our own wisdom. In essence, that our "knowing" of who we are and what we want is the solution to move through and beyond the fear.

What is lurking within your life right now and holding you back? 

Fear of being known? Alone? A failure? A success???

When you begin to feel that all to familiar sense of fear creeping into your thoughts, words, or actions, try this:

* Meet & Greet: Actually say "hello" to the fear and find out it's name. Maybe it's impatience, jealousy, or illogical worry. Being able to name something brings it from this "out there" pervasive "worry cloud" to something tangible that can be negotiated.

* Dig Deeper: What is this fear trying to teach you? How would your highest self respond to this fear? What if your loved one had this fear... what would YOU tell them? Truly knowing the makeup of our fears diminishes its power over us.

* Use a tool: I like affirmations and one of my favorites seems to do the trick... "All is good. All is well. You are safe. You are loved." Yes, a bit Stuart Smalley from SNL... but gosh darnit, it works! :)

"Only when we are no longer afraid do we begin to live." 

- Dorothy Thompson

Joy & Abundance,

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