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The Daly Gem

Are Your Team's Communication Lines Clogged?

Account to Approve workflow on Tuesday, July 17, 2018 at 12:00:00 am

Think of the last time you gathered around the conference table or the kitchen table for a work or home team meeting...did you show up wanting to express how hard you had worked, how much you knew, or how "right" you were about the issue/challenge/success?

Does that feel expansive... or restrictive? High energy... or low energy? Does it feel like your words, thoughts, and feedback came from a place of fear... or love?

Now imagine something different. It's a table where each person sits down bringing nothing but an openness to listen, curiosity, calmness, and best of all... their unique gifts. In fact, can you imagine a team that got their inspiration by shining a light on one another's strengths rather than weaknesses? A group of individuals who divided up the work strategically based upon each person's "best parts" and put their egos on eviction notice?

In a world that is often existing out of a mode of survival this sometimes may seem like a "pie in the sky" kind of thinking... but it isn't!

When we identify what makes us unique and the gifts we have to offer and learn the same from others, we stretch ourselves in the authenticity and vulnerability departments. As a result, trust builds, and pretty soon those little things that breed resentment and clog up the lines of communication and energy within a team... evaporate.

If your team at home or work is on "pause" and what you want is to hit the "play" button and move forward, perhaps it's time to start looking at what is RIGHT rather than what is wrong.

p.s. Need help in the process? I've got a wonderful program that works with individuals and teams to uncover and identify those unique gifts within. Contact me today to learn more.


Meg Daly


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