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3 Tips To Feel More ALIVE!

Account to Approve workflow on Tuesday, June 26, 2018 at 12:00:00 am

Often I work with individuals who struggle with a few core roadblocks. The three most common seem to be...

▪ Boundaries (AKA playing the people pleaser to an extreme)

▪ "Playing Small" (AKA not feeling comfortable verbalizing how amazing they are and shining a light on their gifts)

▪ "Imagination Stagnation" (AKA struggling to define what it is they even want)
I think we all at some point get a bit stuck in these areas. What I've seen work for my clients (and myself) is to take baby steps. It's nearly impossible to jump from the inability to say "NO" to becoming "healthy selfish"... going from hiding our greatness to unconditionally loving ourselves... or moving from total "blankness" to clearly identifying what would make our heart sing.
So I'd like to share a few tips that might help get the ball rolling for you or someone you know who might be struggling...

1. Boundaries - Give yourself the assignment to say no to everything for 24 hours unless you have a pure desire to say "YES!" It's uncomfortable at first, but with consistent practice, you'll be able to tap into that inner guidance easier and more quickly to know if the answer is a "Heck Yeah!" or a "HELL NO!"

2. "Playing Small" - Use the "doorknob trick." As you open the door to walk into an interview or click "Join" to an important conference call, tell yourself how amazing you are an. In other words, pause before any situation where you might feel insecure or out of your league and say to yourself, "I am AWESOME... and they are lucky I am here! Life is working in my favor. We all prosper when I activate my gifts/talents/strengths." This one is really a game changer. It can elevate your energy and people may not consciously see it, but at some level they feel it. Remember, when you play small and keep your AMAZINGNESS on lock down, you are robbing others in this world of benefiting from what you... and only you... have to give.

3. Imagination Stagnation. I recently asked a client "what would really light you up regarding your work?" She was blank... and frustrated. Rather than diving into a major action step of writing out in a narrative what her new reality would look like, she instead came up with the power statement of "I am moving towards identifying what I desire." Easy peasy! She wrote it on her bathroom mirror with a dry eraser marker (great trick!) and this simply planted seeds of imagination in her subconscious morning and evening. Pretty soon, she started coming up with loads of ideas!

We all want to feel more alive, on our purpose, and inspired. It takes some work, but a little goes a long way... so start today!

Have a great weekend,

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